Sam Golding PAPER


PAPER (travels with my sketchbook)


SAM GOLDING - PAPER (travels with my sketchbook)

Friday 4 December to Sunday 6 December 2015 (Daily 10am to 6pm)                                       Opening and Christmas drinks with the artist 7 pm Friday 4 December                                                           Malvern Artists Society 1297 - 1299 High Street, Malvern, 3144

Artist, lawyer and observer of nature

I love drawing in the landscape and from life, as the drawing is made over a period of time it accrues the benefit of intelligent observation in the marks on the surface of the paper.  I work in a very traditional (western salon art) way in progressing from drawings to painting.  Drawings are constantly used and referred to, used to experiment with pictorial ideas and paintings flow from and evolve from them in the oils (usually). I often talk about art process and drawing to painting on mlog at

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