One place – Agenda, Minutes, Finance, Contacts, Document Vault, Docs & Mini Forum.

  • Suitable for organisations of all types including clubs, companies, cultural faciliities and work teams.

  • Available now from Apple Store or Google Play for $9.50 USD per annum

  • Buy one for each board member and senior staff member to empower your organisation.

The Governancepack app is an in-pocket version of the paperwork you receive as a board member. It brings together all the information you need to be an effective and informed board member. Board decisions are clearer, finances tracked and risk management is enhanced, when information is shared – resulting in less politics and better strategies.


User Manual


  1. Meetings and agendas are fast and easy to set up

  2. Notifications and alerts system

  3. Minutes track all decisions in a clear way

  4. Document Vault stores your constitution, annual reports, business plans, funding contracts and policies, making them available to Board members

  5. A mini-forum allows board members to communicate with each other at any time - plus you can set up chat groups

  6. Includes optional financial system

  7. Includes camera function

  8. Includes iCloud browse function

  9. All data encrypted by SSL

  10. Automatic upgrades included in annual subscription

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